Time to boost your ranking points!

Sentower Park is always looking for new opportunities. In 2022 we are launching a brand new concept, 8 weeks of 3 & 4* competitions, €1.6 million in prize money spread over the summer of 2022! 

This totally new series will focus on those riders placed 200-5000+ on the Longines Ranking list wishing to improve their position. 28 ranking classes provide each rider the opportunity to ride up the list without having to travel across Europe to different locations every week.

This has an additional benefit to Belgium riders; within the construct of the FEI invite system, 25% of the show entries are afforded to the national federation, meaning Sentower Park can offer 200 spots for Belgium riders in 3 and 4* competitions from May to September. 

The Rider Series rider pass guarantees your entry, it’s the perfect way to gather points and all shows run Wednesday-Saturday so Sunday is off! We’ve really tried to concentrate on what our riders at Sentower actually want, we’ve listened to their requests and we can now offer this as a solution. 

Laurens Meynaerts

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Calendar 2022

MAY 18-21, 2022

CSI 3-star kick-off!
3* + 1* + YH (incl. 8yo)

MAY 25-28, 2022

CSI 4-star kick-off!
4* + 1* + YH (incl. 8yo)

JUNE 08-11, 2022

CSI 3-star summer vibes!
3* + 1* + YH (incl. 8yo)

JUNE 16-19, 2022

CSI 4-star summer vibes!
4* + 1* + YH (incl. 8yo)

AUGUST 04-07, 2022

CSI 3-star Sentowers' birthday weekend!
3* + 1* + YH (incl. 8yo) + Zangersheide Foal Auction

AUGUST 11-14, 2022

CSI 3-star!
3* + 1* + YH (incl. 8yo) + Flanders Foal Auction

SEPTEMBER 08-11, 2022

CSI 4-star closing weekends!
4* + 1* + YH (incl. 8yo) + Belgian Foal Auction

SEPTEMBER 14-17, 2022

CSI 4-star closing weekends!
4* + 1* + YH (incl. 8yo)

Why should I subscribe?

The perfect way to boost ranking points

Guarenteed entry

Save on traveling costs

Logistical flexibility

28 Ranking classes

All shows finish on Sataruday, Sunday off!

Time to boost your ranking points!

This tour gives riders the chance to climb their way up in the World Ranking! A total of no less than 28 ranking classes are offered throughout the STP Rider Series. Who will ride their way up into the top 100?

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